Jarvis Brook parent finishes fourth in World renowned endurance race to raise funds

Pete Woodward, parent at Jarvis Brook School in Crowborough, successfully ran the Spine Race in June. The Spine Race is widely dubbed as one of the World’s toughest endurance challenges with a time limit of 7 days; 168 hours. Pete run the race in a week-long summer heatwave with temperatures over 30oC to finish 4th overall.

Pete wanted to take on a very significant challenge that would capture the imagination of the community and provide a platform to raise the money required to fence the school’s playing field.

The school community have been involved in the race and fundraising process through the Jarvis Brook School Running Challenge; a competition for school families to run laps of the local running track over a 5 day period.

Almost £5,000 has been raised to date. Pete and the school are extremely grateful to the community for the support so far and also to Crowborough Lions who have supported the project with significant donations.

Crowborough Lions presenting the school with a generous £1,000 donation.